Welcome to the Darkness

She pressed Send and put down her phone. Lisa stood up and looked out the window. The snow was blowing hard against the mountain cabin and causing quite a racket. She closed the curtains and started for the kitchen to make a late night snack.

Cabin in the snow

"Chris should be here soon," she thought to herself as she went down the stairs.

Lisa looked around inside the fridge and settled on a PB and J and a beer. She sat down at the table, popped open the beer, and then everything went dark.


Guided by a few bits of moonlight, Lisa grabbed a flashlight from a drawer and headed for the cabin's basement. She made her way to the fusebox and flipped the switches until the power came back on. She heard the front door open. 

"Hi honey," she called out. 

There was no answer.


Lisa went back to the main floor and to the open front door. The biting chill of the snow and wind sent shivers along her arms.

"Chris, are you here? Don't leave the door open." She took a few steps outside, but there was no sign of anyone. Not even footsteps in the snow. She went back inside and closed the door. As she did, the lights went out again.

"Again?? Really?"

Lisa gasped in exasperation and dragged herself back downstairs to the fusebox. As she reached for the switch, a deep growl came from behind her. She slowly turned around.

Lisa Chavez went missing that night.

Until Dawn – Risen explores the mystery behind the disappearance of the players' friend, Lisa Chavez, from in a cabin in the snowy mountains of Colorado.

Until Dawn - Risen